Sandalyeler - Başlık


Sandalyeler - Cento yazısı


Available in a rich range of matching colors on the plastic and comfortable body, Cento easily blends in and leaves room for different combinations.


Sandalyeler - Cento Resmi
Sandalyeler - Heir
Sandalyeler - Heir Yazısı

Heir brings forth the vivid and cheerful colors without disregarding the need for comfort, which makes it an ideal design for any spaces dedicated to private or common use.

Sandalyeler - Jade
Sandalyeler - Mody
Sandalyeler - Plato
Sandalyeler - Melodi
Sandalyeler - roy sol yazı

Shaped with a special mold on the sitting and backrest parts, Roy is an everlasting and classy chair. It looks great in seminar spaces or cafeterias, as well as a visitor chair in confined lobbies.

Sandalyeler - roy
Sandalyeler - Juliet
Sandalyeler - Belen